Welcome to Meeker Pictures!

At Meeker Pictures we have a heart for photographing people just like YOU!

  • Kids

    The spirit of kids has always been the heart of what we feel at Christine Meeker Pictures. You can not have too many memorable photos of your most precious family assets.

  • Family

    There is no greater way to honor your family, than with a family photo shoot experience. Although there is an element of stress about it, the experience itself is fun and the results are lifelasting.

  • Seniors

    Graduating high school is a first major milestone for most young adults. Celebrate that milestone with a photo shoot experience like no other.

  • Brides

    Discovering emotional connections between 2 people is what makes our job fun. Documenting those connections with photos is what makes our job meaningful.

We're dedicated to the art of photography and the spirit of service.

Since1998, across Texas and the USA, we’ve photographed over 5,000 families, kids, babies, high school seniors and weddings.

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Kim + Ish.  Houstonian Wedding.

Kim + Ish. Houstonian Wedding.

Kim and Ish,   We enjoyed being with you on your wedding day.  I'm so happy that we beat the weather for the most part.   We ...

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April & Jeremiah

April & Jeremiah

"She is like a fairy godmother, she is so pretty"  Those are the words from an adorable flower girl who I am sure has seen ...

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All the way from California!

All the way from California!

From the colors of their outfits to the love and laughter shared with this family, we had a blast getting to see them again! I ...

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Laine and Carlie’s Bat Mitzvah.

Laine and Carlie's Bat Mitzvah.

We enjoyed being with Lanie and Carlie and the families over the weekend for the girl's Bat Mitzvahs.  Below is just a brief collection of ...

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